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    Hotel Management And Trends

    An inn is an inn where guests can stay for a specific length of time, sometimes up to a week. Inn hotels are run by private proprietors, although they may be connected to a central hotel or motel chain and sometimes operated by the central hotel itself. Typically, inns are cheaper than full-service hotels and provide a more personalised service. Inn hotels differ in several ways from regular hotels. Inns often have their own kitchens, dining areas, and sometimes even showers.

    DescriptionThe basic description of an inn can vary greatly. A simple hotel is an establishment which offers paid accommodations on a short term basis, rather than a long-stay establishment. may include smaller, more personalised rooms in a shared building, or larger, fully-equipped guest houses located within a large, popular area. Such guest houses may be run by one owner, or by multiple owners.

    Characteristics Typical of an inn hotel would include clean, decent facilities, good location, and convenient guest services. All inns strive to create a comfortable, relaxing experience for their guests. Inn guestrooms usually feature a desk, a refrigerator, a telephone, and Internet access. Some hotels provide television sets, in addition to cable and satellite television, and in some cases, air conditioning or climate control. In some respects, the atmosphere of a typical guesthouse is comparable to that of a modern, full-service resort.

    Growth Of The Hotel Industry As previously stated, the main factors influencing the growth of the hotel industry in the United Kingdom are the rising number of tourists and the increasing level of competition among inns. Historically, it has been the competition between establishments that have led to improvements in the quality of guest services, and also to the introduction of new amenities such as restaurants and bars. Over the last few years, the number of guest houses has been on the decline. This trend is being driven by the relatively stagnant housing market and the rising cost of renting an apartment or house. The number of hotels has been growing continuously, although this growth has been less than the rate of decline.

    Hotels tend to offer a better variety of services than do motels and B&BS’s. Many of them have onsite stores, gyms, pools, and meeting rooms. In addition, many have laundry facilities, conference rooms, and information counters. These features are highly appreciated by travelers who require overnight accommodation.

    Growth Of Hotel Revenue Despite continuing declines in hotel revenues, there have been noticeable changes in recent years. The two most significant factors contributing to this are the introduction of additional services such as full-service restaurants and bars, and the development of more destination destinations. Hotel operators have been successful in attracting couples, families, business travelers, and international guests. The development of special booking websites, such as those run by the Marriot Group and Hertz, is also helping hotels sell their products more effectively.g

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